Cheval Grandシュヴァルグラン

"A Magnificent Horse Girl"

"...Cheval Grand... You know... I know this may seem like a bit of a stretch, but... Someday, I'll do my best to be great... No, I will be great."

Cheval Grand
Cheval Grand
Cheval Grand
Cheval Grand

Ambitious with a timid heart. Aiming to become a great horse girl.

She's introverted, withdrawn, and has an inferiority complex about her talented older and younger sisters. She spends her time working hard to hopefully surpass them both one day, and have her own abilities acknowledged. She's not on bad terms with either of her siblings... but they both have a glamorous temperament, which makes her a bit out of place when they're together.

Birthday: Mar 14

Class: Middle School

Dorm: Ritto

Ears: When she's by herself, she takes off her hat and lets her ears flutter in the wind.

Tail: Her sister used to braid her tail without her permission.

Family: Her family takes turns deciding where their next international trip will be.


  • During exciting occassions, she calls her childhood friend in Australia.
  • She mumbles in her sleep.

Height: 160cm

Three Sizes: B85 W56 H80

Shoe Size: 24cm

Weight: Stable ◯

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Mid, Long

Preferred Strategy: Leader

Strengths: Sea fishing, baseball, killing time by herself

Weaknesses: Introducing herself, weight management

Calls self: Boku (僕)

Nicknames: Cheval

Voiced by: Yuuko Natsuyoshi (夏吉ゆうこ)

Yuuko Natsuyoshi

Other Roles:

  • Himeko Mashima (SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh!!)
Cheval Grand

Sex: Stallion

Record: 33 Races, 7 Wins (1 G1 Wins)