Godolphin Barbゴドルフィンバルブ

"My name is Godolphin Barb. There are many ties― and many beings, that help horse girls run. I will help you, too."

One overflowing with kindness, an elegant teacher.

She is a being created by AI that thinks in terms of "Love". She is the most generous of the Three Goddesses, loving and tenderly watching over everyone. She understands the concerns of others before they do. However, even though she pampers people, she sometimes tests them, but it's part of her love for them, to help them flourish.

Birthday: Feb 24


  • She often uses animal therapy (especially cats) in her teachings, but they end up healing her more than anyone.

Voiced by: Satomi Sato (佐藤聡美)

Satomi Sato

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