Hishi Amazonヒシアマゾン


"There are a lot of good lookin' people here... hehe. I'll take them all on, I'm Hishiama! Come on, let's get to it!"

Hishi Amazon
Hishi Amazon
Hishi Amazon
Hishi Amazon

She's up for a good fight! Everyone's reliable Dorm Master.

She is a hot-blooded older sister-type who is eager to fight in a one-on-one match. Although she's often seen as feral, she has the good grace to admire her opponents strength when they win. She's the head of the Miho dorm, and while she has a lot of guts, she's also very good at cooking, laundry, and cleaning. She's dependable in every circumstance. She's afraid of lightning and ghosts.

Birthday: Mar 26

Class: High School

Dorm: Miho

Ears: Very sensitive to hearing the word "taiman".

Tail: Many students admire her shiny black hair.

Family: She's the youngest child, but has a mother's touch.


  • She's pretty good at ironing clothes.
  • Her underclassmen help her post her character bento boxes to Umastagram.

Height: 160cm

Three Sizes: B92 W59 H89

Shoe Size: 24cm

Weight: Slight increase (no comment)

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Mid

Strengths: Serving homemade food

Weaknesses: Using her head

Calls self: Atashi, Hishiama Nee-san (アタシ、ヒシアマ姐さん)

Calls Trainer: Anta, Torekou (アンタ、トレ公)

Nicknames: Hishiama

Voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi (巽悠衣子)

Yuiko Tatsumi

Other Roles:

  • Mio Nishizono (Little Busters!)
  • Mittelt (High School DxD)
Hishi Amazon

Sex: Mare

Record: 20 Races, 10 Wins (2 G1 Wins)