Inari Oneイナリワン

"The Tenjin from Ooi"

"The hell are ya sayin'?! I'm Inari One! As you can see, I'm an efficient child of Edo! I wanna become the biggest horse girl of them all!"

Inari One
Inari One
Inari One
Inari One

The hell are ya sayin'?! A self-proclaimed "Edo child" with lightning speed.

She's a smart Edoite horse girl. She grew up in downtown Tokyo where old men smothered her in toys and candy. She's small, mischievous, and hates when things are crooked. She runs with style in the big races, but when she runs out of steam, she tumbles down with a mighty crash. Her favorite food is Inari.

Birthday: May 7

Class: High School

Dorm: Miho

Roommate: Twin Turbo

Ears: When they hear festival music, they dance around.

Tail: She's committed to washing it with hot water, even in the summer.

Family: The order of bathing is determined by Menko.


  • She likes drinking fruit milk after taking a bath.
  • She longs to become a tatami craftsman.

Height: 139cm

Three Sizes: B87 W50 H74

Shoe Size: 19cm

Weight: No change

Preferred Ground: Turf, Dirt

Preferred Distance: Mid

Preferred Strategy: Chaser

Strengths: Shooting, die-cutting, goldfish scooping

Weaknesses: Waiting in lines, flattery

Calls self: Atashi, Inari-sama (あたし、イナリ様)

Calls Trainer: Danna, Anego (ダンナ、アネゴ)

Nicknames: Inari

Voiced by: Haruno Inoue (井上遥乃)

Haruno Inoue

Other Roles:

  • Yumi Totobami (Kakegurui xx)
Inari One

Sex: Stallion

Record: 11 Races, 3 Wins (3 G1 Wins)