Kawakami Princessカワカミプリンセス

"Precocious Princess"

"Oh-ho-ho! I am Kawakami Princess...yes, a princess above all princesses! I'll daintily knock you off of your feet at the races!"

Kawakami Princess
Kawakami Princess
Kawakami Princess
Kawakami Princess

Aim to become a Princess! A magnificent tomboy horse girl.

A tomboyish girl who aspires to become a princess. She's a girl with more energy than she can handle, but a certain anime gave her a positive vision of her future as a princess who fights hand in hand with a prince. Since then, she has been pursuing her dreams as a princess, dreaming of the day she will meet the prince of her dreams. She looks up to King Halo as her mentor.

Birthday: Jun 5

Class: Middle School

Dorm: Ritto

Roommate: Seeking the Pearl

Ears: She's proud to admit that among all other horse girls, her ears look the best with a tiara.

Tail: She has a self-proclaimed "princess tail".

Family: They always picked out cute and durable clothes for her.


  • She's grown 12cm in the last year.
  • She's extremely good at catching beetles.

Height: 154cm

Three Sizes: B91 W57 H87

Shoe Size: 21.5cm

Weight: No increase or decrease (of course!)

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Mid

Preferred Strategy: Betweener

Strengths: Killing cockroaches

Weaknesses: Wasteful spending

Calls self: Watakushi ( 私(わたくし))

Calls Trainer: Trainer-san (トレーナーさん)

Nicknames: Kawakami, Oshisousama

Voiced by: Karin Takahashi (高橋花林)

Karin Takahashi

Other Roles:

  • Nono Morikubo (THE iDOLM@STER)
  • Kobeni Higashiyama (Chainsaw Man)
Kawakami Princess

Sex: Mare

Record: 17 Races, 5 Wins (2 G1 Wins)