Meisho Dotoメイショウドトウ

"A Determined Challenger"

"M... My name is Meisho Doto! I'm really working my hardest every day so I have more confidence in myshelf... I bit my tongue!"

Meisho Doto
Meisho Doto
Meisho Doto
Meisho Doto

Working hard to become optimistic! A negative but hard working girl.

A droopy-eared horse girl who has a low sense of self-esteem.A clumsy girl in every sense of the word who can't seem to get things to go her way. But even then, she still thinks to herself; " I want to change myself", "I don't want to give up", and is always on a search for a way to brighten her future. She admires T.M. Opera O's extravagant self-confidence.

Birthday: Mar 25

Class: Middle School

Dorm: Ritto

Roommate: Air Shakur

Ears: They tremble alot

Tail: She touches it when she’s worried so it gets tangled often

Family: Her parents tend to move a lot meaning she's good at learning languages


  • She's a spicy food aficionado
  • She can tell how a sheep is feeling by looking at its eyes

Height: 164cm

Three Sizes: B99 W61 H89

Shoe Size: 25cm

Weight: Growing in a specific region

Preferred Distance: Mid, Long

Preferred Strategy: Betweener

Strengths: Persisting, Enka

Weaknesses: Tongue Twisters

Calls self: Watashi (私)

Calls Trainer: Trainer-san (貴方,トレーナーさん)

Nicknames: Doto, Dotopi (Daitaku Helios)

Voiced by: Misaki Watada (和多田美咲)

Misaki Watada

Other Roles:

  • Delmin (SHOW BY ROCK!!)
  • Futari Gotou (BOCCHI THE ROCK!)
Meisho Doto

Sex: Stallion

Record: 27 Races, 10 Wins (1 G1 Wins)