Mejiro Ramonuメジロラモーヌ

"Wanna get to know me? Then come to the turf. Mejiro Ramonu... That's where you'll find everything I am."

Mejiro Ramonu
Mejiro Ramonu
Mejiro Ramonu
Mejiro Ramonu

A supreme love for racing... Unrivaled independence, a devilish flower that blooms at the top.

She is a brilliant and elegant horse girl who stands out from the rest of the prestigious Mejiro family. Her awe-inspiring beauty and charming behavior are truly magical. She has captivated many people, but she devotes everything to her love for racing. Nothing can come in between.

Birthday: Apr 9

Class: High School

Dorm: Miho

Roommate: Symboli Kris S


  • She carries a pair of vintage glasses.
  • She often leaves her phone behind when she goes out.

Height: 165cm

Three Sizes: B87 W57 H90

Shoe Size: 24cm

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Mile, Mid

Preferred Strategy: Leader, Betweener

Calls self: Watashi (私)

Calls Trainer: Anata (貴方)

Nicknames: Ramonu

Voiced by: Nao Touyama (東山奈央)

Nao Touyama

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Mejiro Ramonu

Sex: Mare

Record: 12 Races, 9 Wins