Rice Showerライスシャワー

"Black Assassin"

"I'm... Rice Shower. Um... I'm a useless girl who makes others unhappy... but I'm trying my best to change!"

Rice Shower
Rice Shower
Rice Shower
Rice Shower

An unhappy disposition? A sorrowful maiden who lives a praiseworthy life.

She's a timid and cowardly horse girl who believes that all of the misfortunes around her are her fault. However, she actually just has bad timing, and bad luck, but she's trying to reverse it somehow. Her hobby is reading picture books, and her favorite one is "The Blue Rose of Happiness".

Birthday: Mar 5

Class: High School

Dorm: Miho

Roommate: Zenno Rob Roy

Ears: They droop when she hears about other's unhappiness.

Tail: She pays attention not to bump it into people.

Family: She used to fall asleep listening to her parents read picture books.


  • She prefers bread over rice for breakfast.
  • Her dream is to buy a set of 500 color pencils someday

Height: 145cm

Three Sizes: B75 W51 H76

Shoe Size: 21cm

Weight: No change

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Long

Preferred Strategy: Leader

Strengths: Drawing

Weaknesses: Other's Misfortune, Ghosts

Calls self: Rice (ライス)

Calls Trainer: Oniisama, Oneesama (お兄さま、お姉さま)

Nicknames: Rice

Voiced by: Manaka Iwami (石見舞菜香)

Manaka Iwami

Other Roles:

  • Warfarin, Exusiai (Arknights)
  • Amber (Genshin Impact)
  • Tooru Honda (Fruits Basket S2)
Rice Shower

Sex: Stallion

Record: 25 Races, 6 Wins (3 G1 Wins)