Satono Diamondサトノダイヤモンド

"A Dream-Chasing Gem"

"My name is Satono Diamond. There is no such thing as a predetermined fate. I'll shine a light on the future with my own legs!"

Satono Diamond
Satono Diamond
Satono Diamond
Satono Diamond

A jinx challenging princess with a spirit as stong as a Diamond!

A sheltered girl born into a wealthy family and raised with plenty of love! Her upbringing may have made her a little naive at times. She's an honest and open princess, but hidden beneath is a conviction as strong as a Diamond! She's challenging new things today as well in order to break the jinx and make her family's dream come true.

Birthday: Jan 30

Class: Middle School

Dorm: Ritto

Roommate: Kitasan Black

Ears: She always wears a clear looking accessory.

Tail: It has the finest feel (Testimonial: Kitasan Black)

Family: Her father is a famous philanthropist in the horse girl world


  • She treasures a jukebox which was gifted to her by her father.
  • She isn't able to slurp ramen well.


  • Satono Diamond is known for having an odd sense of cooking. She made a jinx-breaking blend of coffee with Manhattan Cafe.
  • During Valentine's, Satono Diamond hooked her trainer up to a crane and played a life-sized crane game. Trainer ends up spotting her handmade chocolate and drops everything else to retrieve it.

Height: 158cm

Three Sizes: B87 W54 H84

Shoe Size: 21cm

Weight: There's no change?

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Long

Preferred Strategy: Betweener

Strengths: Never forgetting a promise, Crane Games

Weaknesses: Rain, Walking in Crowds

Calls self: Watashi, Dia (私、ダイヤ)

Calls Trainer: Trainer-san (トレーナーさん)

Nicknames: Dia, Satono

Voiced by: Hina Tachibana (立花日菜)

Hina Tachibana

Other Roles:

  • Nagi Hisakawa (The iDOLM@STER)
  • Pudding (Arknights)
  • Maina Ichii (If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die )
Satono Diamond

Sex: Stallion

Record: 18 Races, 8 Wins (2 G1 Wins)