Shinko Windyシンコウウインディ

"Biting Mischievous Girl"

"Roar~! It's Shinko Windy! You scared? You can tell me if you're scared~! ...Hey! Don't ignore me! Grrrrr!"

Shinko Windy
Shinko Windy
Shinko Windy
Shinko Windy

She loves causing mischief! If you don't give her attention, she'll bite you!

She's not a biting wolf... she's a horse girl. She's naughty and mischievous, and always in need of attention. She bites to show that she wants to be cared for, but she is completely unaware of it and pretends to be feral. She always says "noda!" and "nanoda!" when she speaks.

Birthday: Apr 14

Class: High School

Dorm: Miho

Ears: They blip blop when she comes up with a new prank.

Tail: There's sometimes drool on it when she wakes up in the morning.

Family: They sang the chorus of her father's company's song commercial together.


  • She can't sleep when her roommate isn't around.
  • She spends more than 10 minutes brushing her teeth.

Height: 152cm

Three Sizes: B78 W59 H88

Shoe Size: 22.5cm

Weight: No change

Preferred Ground: Dirt

Preferred Distance: Mile

Preferred Strategy: Leader

Strengths: Causing mischief, digging holes, climbing on roofs

Weaknesses: Cotton candy

Calls self: Windy-chan (ウインディちゃん)

Calls Trainer: Trainer (トレーナー)

Nicknames: Windy

Voiced by: Yuuki Takada (高田憂希)

Yuuki Takada

Other Roles:

  • Midori Saiba (Blue Archive)
  • Tingyun (Honkai Star Rail)
  • Yoshino Yorita (The iDOLM@STER)
  • Elma (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
  • Yuu Koito (Bloom Into You)
  • Aoba Suzukaze (NEW GAME!)
Shinko Windy

Sex: Stallion

Record: 17 Races, 5 Wins (1 G1 Wins)