Special Weekスペシャルウィーク

"Supreme Commander of Japan"

"My name is Special Week! My dream is to be the best horse girl in Japan! I'm gonna pull my own weight in order to make my moms proud!"

Special Week
Special Week
Special Week
Special Week

She'll give it her all! A pure-hearted girl with a straight line to her dreams.

She was born in Hokkaido, and she's an honest, cheerful, and hardworking horse girl. Her real mother died soon after her birth, and was left in the care of her real mom's best friend, a human woman. She made a promise to her two mothers that she would become the best horse girl in Japan. She repeatedly tries to achieve her dream, and her incredible determination brings her even closer to that goal.

Birthday: May 2

Class: Middle School

Dorm: Ritto

Roommate: Silence Suzuka

Ears: They pick up on any sound of cooking.

Tail: She's not very good at playing poker, her tail calls her bluff.

Family: Her eye color came from her birth mother.


  • She can tell the difference between milks with just one taste.
  • She's good at giving piggy-back rides. The person on her back tends to get sleepy very easily.

Height: 158cm

Three Sizes: B81 W56 H81

Shoe Size: L23.5cm, R23cm

Weight: Slightly reduced (gets nervous before races).

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Mid, Long

Preferred Strategy: Betweener

Strengths: Giving in-depth food critiques

Weaknesses: Touch-and-go ticket gates at the train station

Calls self: Watashi (私)

Calls Trainer: Trainer-san (トレーナーさん)

Nicknames: Spe

Voiced by: Azumi Waki (和氣あず未)

Azumi Waki

Other Roles:

  • Sanae Katagiri (THE IDOLM@STER)
  • Senko (The Helpful Fox Senko-san)
  • Maika Sakuranomiya (BLEND-S)
Special Week

Sex: Stallion

Record: 17 Races, 10 Wins (4 G1 Wins)