Symboli Rudolfシンボリルドルフ


"I am Symboli Rudolf. I am the one who will stand at the top of every horse girl and lead them to become "Emperors". Those of you who share my aspirations, let's work together to conquer the world!"

Symboli Rudolf
Symboli Rudolf
Symboli Rudolf
Symboli Rudolf

The reigning Emperor, whose authority is unchallenged!

Also known as "The Emperor". She's Tracen Academy's student council president, and her racing ability, political strength, and personality are all exceptional. She's not egotistical, but an idealist who's always conscious of doing the right thing, and aims to create an environment where all horse girls can be happy. She's admired by Tokai Teio.

Birthday: Mar 13

Class: High School

Dorm: Miho

Ears: Her ears prick up when she hears a good pun.

Tail: When she's giving a speech, every strand of hair is powerful.

Family: Her parents taught her Imperialism from a young age.


  • She will never forget the face of someone she's seen before.
  • It's a secret pleasure of hers to try to press a stamp vertically and neatly while she's doing paperwork.

Height: 165cm

Three Sizes: B86 W59 H85

Shoe Size: 25cm

Weight: Pretty much ideal

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Mid, Long

Preferred Strategy: Leader

Strengths: Chess

Weaknesses: Interacting with others casually

Calls self: Watashi (私)

Calls Trainer: Trainer-kimi (トレーナー君)

Nicknames: President, Rudolf

Voiced by: Azusa Tadokoro (田所あずさ)

Azusa Tadokoro

Other Roles:

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  • Kaoru Seta (BanG Dream!)
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  • Texas, Kroos (Arknights)
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Symboli Rudolf

Sex: Stallion

Record: 16 Races, 13 Wins