Tamamo Crossタマモクロス

"White Lightning"

"Ah'm Tamamo Cross! A'hm gonna win'n win'n win to make a name for myself! Don't underestimate me just 'cause ah'm small!"

Tamamo Cross
Tamamo Cross
Tamamo Cross
Tamamo Cross

She's a fiery-tongued lightning bolt. Show us your guts, Naniwa girl.

She's a small girl with a vigorous Kansai dialect. She may have a small stature, but she's a bundle of energy, and is always ready to get into any action, whether it's in a race, or in everyday life. She grew up in a less fortunate environment, but her power comes from her persistent spirit that keeps her determined. Her and the foolish Oguri Cap make a good team.

Birthday: May 23

Class: High School

Dorm: Ritto

Roommate: Oguri Cap

Ears: When she hears the word "bargain" or "sale," her ears stand up straight.

Tail: Shakes like a lightning bolt when she's angry.

Family: When she's with her brothers and sisters, she's called "Tama-nee".


  • She's a big fan of open-flame takoyaki.
  • She's good at cooking a lot of dishes, especially bean sprouts and hanpen.

Height: 140cm

Three Sizes: B72 W51 H73

Shoe Size: L19.5cm, R20cm

Weight: Unmeasurable

Preferred Ground: Turf

Preferred Distance: Mid, Long

Preferred Strategy: Chaser, Betweener

Strengths: Mental math (limited)

Weaknesses: Kotatsu

Calls self: Uchi, Kono Tamamo Cross-sama (ウチ、このタマモクロス様)

Calls Trainer: Anta, Trainer (アンタ、トレーナー)

Nicknames: Tamamo, Tama

Voiced by: Naomi Oozora (大空直美)

Naomi Oozora

Other Roles:

  • Yuki (Princess Connect Re:Dive)
  • Chieri Ogata (The iDOLM@STER)
  • Jahy (The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!)
  • Hana Uzaki (Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!)
  • Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell (Gabriel Dropout)
Tamamo Cross

Sex: Stallion

Record: 18 Races, 9 Wins (3 G1 Wins)

Notable Races:

  • 1st - Tenno Sho (Spring) (1988)
  • -1th - Tenno Sho (Autumn) (1988)