Tsurumaru Tsuyoshiツルマルツヨシ

"Tsurumaru Tsuyoshi! I'm aiming to be a "Triple Crown Horse Girl"! And I'm gonna give it all I've g―... GWEH! I... I just choked a bit! I'm okay, I'm super okay!"

Tsurumaru Tsuyoshi
Tsurumaru Tsuyoshi

Her dream is to win the Triple Crown! Always giving it her all!! Though she tends to exceed her limit!?

A horse girl that's energetic, positive, and enthusiastic about everything she does. However, her body struggles to keep up with her mind. She has amazing potential not only in running, but also in other areas, but when she gives it her all, she always falls down and fails to achieve any success. Even then, she runs as hard as she can to someday achieve her dream of becoming a "Triple Crown Horse Girl" - Her spirit is strong!

Birthday: Apr 6

Class: Middle School

Dorm: Ritto

Roommate: Mejiro Bright


  • She's secretly proud that people often ask her for directions.
  • She takes her time setting the white part of her bangs every morning.

Three Sizes: B85 W58 H86

Calls self: Watashi ( 私)

Voiced by: Yoshino Aoyama (青山吉能)

Yoshino Aoyama

Other Roles:

  • Hitori Gotou (BOCCHI THE ROCK!)
  • Rumi Akeshiro (Blue Archive)
Tsurumaru Tsuyoshi

Sex: Stallion

Record: 11 Races, 5 Wins (0 G1 Wins)